Monique - Timeless


Gospel music sensation and Spaghetti Records artiste Monique is back with "Timeless."

"Timeless" mixes Classical instrumentation with Tropical sound in an attempt to capture the thematic significance of the song, both with the vocal and otherwise.

In the category of World Music, Monique paints a vivid picture of God's infinite nature. She conjures a pool of words spurs the listener to worship and praise due to the depth of gratitude triggered.

"No amount of sunrises or sunsets can measure HIS movement.
"If you started at forever and kept going, you'd reach eternity and you still won't see HIS beginning or ending.
"A million years or a millisecond... neither make a difference to HIS might, mystery or majesty.
"HE is TIMELESS; The ALMIGHTY for ALL TIME."  - Tunde Makinwa.

Produced by Tolu 'Tyanx' Obanro

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