EXCLUSIVE: X.O (aka NoHairDontCare) - Victory


EXCLUSIVE: X.O (aka NoHairDontCare) - Victory

Guess who's with us again.... X.O!

At the start of May, we broke the perceived "silence" of one of the most hyped rappers by M.I and the other Chocolate City cats without a known single to his name. For a long time, one wondered if he would be another "all talk, no walk" artiste, but his first mixtape joint, Taxi Music (freestyle), caused mayhem right here on NJO! The reviews came in thick and fast, and most of the rapheads felt the joint heavily! The new challenge for X.O now became "can he match or surpass Taxi Music?"

On "Victory", X.O uses a combination of Nelson Mandela speeches on the hook to embody the theme of the song. I'm fighting so hard not to overdo the "hype" but I feel this Naija/Ghana/UK/Yankee representa is lyrically deeper than M.I. Some M.I stans may jump on me for saying this but please listen first before crucifying me. If you're not convinced, then you're free to pull the trigger. 🙂


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"This is the Genesis! Be-lieve it took us (Leviticus) this long to Exodus? Forever/
A dude to run on me (Deuteronomy) for Numbers? Never!" (First 5 bible books)
"I'm playing chess with God's talents, while checking out mates/
It's (I'm) like a time machine, the way I be turning down dates!"

Produced By KidKonnect

[audio:http://www.notjustok.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/X.O-Victory-NJO.mp3|titles=X.O - Victory (NJO)]