Dencia ft. Waje - True Love


Dencia ft. Waje - True Love

Dencia makes a very good impression with her new single "True Love" featuring Waje.

Sweet and touching love song.

"Dencia featuring Waje My true Love is a sweet melodic Zouk song which tells the story of love lost. Everyone can relate to this song; everyone who has been in love and had to walk away for some reason, women who have been abused (second verse) or just any one in a situation where they had to walk away from someone they love and who has a special place in their heart.

In the words of Dencia "this is real, this happened to me, I wrote the story, we got the lyrics from it. Once you cry, it's time to leave. Rhere's always better out there. The alphabet had 26 letters Albert, Ben, Charles, Degualle etc unlimited options." Enjoy."


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