The Cavemen deliver breath-taking expansive album with 'Roots'


Praised Afro-Highlife band The Cavemen delivers a breath-taking debut album with "ROOTS", which they described as the Past, Present, and Future of Highlife.

The Cavemen - Roots

The Cavemen - Roots

The Cavemen are modern torch-bearers for highlife music, a sound with deep roots in the history of African music. They are proud to invite you into the Cave for their debut album, ROOTS, an expansive journey through the rich sound of highlife and a heartfelt offering from two of Nigeria’s brightest young talents.

Filled with a desire to make the kind of music that they grew up listening to, the band has taken a journey to bring the sounds of the past into the future, positioning themselves as a bridge between generations. ROOTS is not only a display of masterful musicianship, it is a vibrant representation of the band’s signature carefree approach to life, love, and everything they encounter along the way.

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Whether it’s the strings reminiscent of a dusty sunrise on ‘Akaraka’ or the irresistible drum patterns on ‘Bolo Bolo’, the album contains a variety of moments that music lovers will truly appreciate. Songs like ‘Ifeoma Odoo’, ‘Anita’, and ‘Me You I’ continue the band’s budding legacy as lovers and romantics, with various women serving as muses for their tender odes.

The sound of the album carries on the tradition of their musical ancestors, exploring the beauty that can be found in this pillar of Nigerian and African culture. This is an exploration of highlife in its full sense, with each track containing something new for listeners to take away.

Experience "Roots" below.

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