Zlatan's Father Is A Redeem Pastor?! ?| Watch Video


Zlatan Ibile's father is a redeem pastor

Yep, we were also as shocked or better put, surprised, when we heard with our own ears from the Zanku singer and dancer that he's from a very religious background.

This information was released to the press on Thursday, the 31st of October where the Zanku singer was talking about being perceived as an artist that creates one particular sound whereas he can do other kinds of music.

This album listening and the album itself are some of the ways Zlatan deployed to show the members of the press that he is more than many have assumed him to be. This unlearning of Zlatan for a lot of people started at the beginning of the album listening when Zlatan decided to take the opening prayer.

Speaking about how his family reacted to him being a secular artiste considering his father is a pastor in the popular Redeem Church of Christ, he said his father had to adjust especially when they realized he was serious about his music and he is making something good from it.

Before my dad became a pastor, there was a life he was living. That's my dad, this is me. I have my own life to live. He's trying all his possible best but at the end of the day, you can only take a donkey or the camel to the river, you can't force it to drink..."

He went on to state that the kind of song he sings doesn't mean he's not a Christain.

Watch the full video below;

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