Tinny Allegedly Creates Fake IG Account To Respond To Ycee



What Really Transpired between Ycee Vs Tiny

Tinny Ent seems to have responded to Ycee in what seems to be a defense with a created fake Instagram account according to Yc.

This response dropped on the rapper's comment section of Ycee's initial statement and although the user isn't saying he is Tinny, the details of the comment contain private information that seems like something that could've been known to only Yc and Tinny.

In this statement, the poster @roaastpanel said admitted that T-Ent might be a lot of things that debunked what Ycee said, saying that the artist should not blame someone else for his own lapses.

Read the statement below and let us know if you think this is Tinny or the defendant...


Tinny's assumed Instagram response to Ycee

T- Ent's assumed Instagram response to Ycee





















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