Seun Kuti lights up Paris Fashion Week runway


Afrobeats artist Seun Kuti graced the catwalk during Paris Fashion Week, collaborating with the French label Casablanca.

The youngest son of the legendary Afrobeat trailblazer, Fela Kuti, confidently strutted down the runway, donning an ensemble in vibrant green and white.

The outfit was part of the Casablanca brand’s Printemps-Été 2024 collection. The show was titled “Day of Victory”. Together with Ola Ebiti and Helena Tejedor, the show’s stylists, the Afrobeats musician wore a green and white body suit named “Stuntman on Set”. Casablanca’s Day of Victory was to pay homage to great artists and activists and focus on the progressive future of Africa. The Runway show was a “confluence of culture and philosophy” between Nigeria and Casablanca.

The designer of the show, Charaf Tajer, designed the outfits as a  representation of the “rich exchanges across cultural disciplines in African art, music, and film.” Nigerian culture and lifestyle have been exerting a considerable influence on the Western world. There has been a notable surge in Western musicians collaborating with top Afrobeats artists. The fashion industry is no different, as recently Bubu Ogisi, a Lagos-based fashion designer, Ashley Okoli, and Korty EO featured on and graced the runway during the Victoria Secret World Tour Premiere. Seun Kuti's runway presence marks a significant advancement for Africans.

Seun Kuti's appearance on the Paris Fashion Week runway provides a bright spot in his life, which has been marred by media criticism and controversy stemming from his conflict with the Nigerian Police. He has even expressed that this controversy nearly derailed his career. Notably, he found that Nigerians were not as supportive or sympathetic as they typically are in matters involving his dispute with the Nigerian Police.