Bose Ogulu Makes Billboard 2021 International Power Players List

Co-Founder of Spaceship Collective, Bose Ogulu aka Mama Burna on Monday, hit another milestone as she made the Billboard 2021 International Power Players List.

Billboard 2021 International Power Players List. Bose Ogulu Makes Billboard 2021 International Power Players List

Bose Ogulu

An excited Bose Ogulu took to her instagram page on the 26th of April to announce and celebrate her latest groundbreaking achievement. She revealed that she was honored to make the list. She wrote;

“Honored to have made it to Billboard’s 2021 international power player list. Looking forward to breaking down more doors.”


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According to a publication on Billboard's website, Billboard’s International Power Players recognizes industry leaders — nominated by their companies and peers and selected by our editors — with primary responsibility outside the United States. Honorees include label executives, music publishers, independent entrepreneurs, artist managers and concert promoters.

Meanwhile, the excerpt for the selection of Bose Ogulu was written by a Billboard Staff.

It reads, “Amid the pandemic, Ogulu co-executive-produced, released and promoted the Twice As Tall album from Nigeria’s breakout global star Burna Boy (aka her son, Damini Ogulu). He is signed to Bad Habit/Atlantic in the United States and Warner Music International for territories outside of Africa. Twice As Tall won best global music album at this year’s Grammy Awards. Bose has set up a publishing company through Spaceship Collective to enable Africans to own their own catalogs “so that the authenticity of our stories, our glory, our culture is sustained,” she says, “and we are empowered.”



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