Protek - Amen (Remixes)

Protek - Amen (Remixes)

Protek - Amen (Remixes)

Protek illasheva is set to make history as he releases not one but two remixes to his highly successful track, AMEN. As a follow up to the successful release of his last single REALISE featuring IBK SpaceshipBoi, Protek teamed up with FRANK EDWARDS for one remix and the highly celebrated BLW RAP NATION (Samjamz, Winter, Tb1, Gclan, Tru South, Choice) and Prince Micah on the other. These Songs will be premiering on 50 Radio stations across Nigeria on Sunday the 31st of January 2016. You can get regular updates and interact with Protek illasheva by connecting with him on twitter and instagram @Protekniks

- Lalaboiy

DOWNLOAD: Amen ft. Frank Edwards

DOWNLOAD: Amen ft. SamJamz, GClan, Tru South, TB1, Winter, Choice, Prince Micah

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Doktor Santi
4 years ago

wicked wicked music!