Babz Carpenterz - Oluwa Dide

Nigerian Gospel Artist, Babz Carpenterz has released a new single titled, OLUWA DIDE.

Speaking about the new single, he shares:
"In our toughest battle lies our greatest victory, it is also expedient to know that it is God that guarantees victory .Everytime God is about to cause a change, a SOUND heralds his intention.

OLUWADIDE is a SOUND of warfare that was birthed on the altar of prayer instigating God to rise on our behalf as we navigate the battles of our daily life coupled with the peculiar times we find ourselves in as nation.

OLUWADIDE is a clarion call to take our place as believers to militate against systems and spiritual structures that are not of God set in high places.
It is a chant from a stand point of victory that reminds me of Psalms 121:1-2 and Deuteronomy 20:1-4.So let's chant and bring down the glory of God mightily, as we invoke him to rise in His power, glory and splendor over our lives and NIGERIA.

Oluwa dide!
Rise in your power,
Rise in your might...."

Babz Carpenterz is a music minstrel whose expression of worship truly embodies spiritual warfare.

OLUWADIDE is one of the songs from his soon to be released album titled MEMOIRS OF A CARPENTER.


Instagram: @BabzCarpenterz

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