Mejja is back with new single "Tabia Za Wakenya"

Mejja - Tabia Za Wakenya

Mejja - Tabia Za Wakenya

Celebrated Kenyan rapper, Mejja returns with the release of "Tabia Za Wakenya (Kanairo)".

Tabia Za Wakenya is a Swahili phrase to mean 'Kenyan Behaviour'.

Mejja uses his signature storytelling rap flows to highlight some of the funny characteristics that Kenyan citizens are known for, some of which include always being late to official meetings but very punctual when it comes to parties.

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He also highlights the Kenyan culture of  having a special knowing in predicting the weather; insisting insist that the hot sun indicates that it’s about to rain heavily.

The official music video is the perfect visual aid to Kenyan culture capturing the normal exchange between buyers and sellers as well as the lies that citizens tell when it comes to lending and receiving money from friends.

This massive hit is produced by Vicky Pondis while the highly entertaining music video is shot and directed by Ricky Bekko.

Stream "Tabia Za Wakenya" Music Video:

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