Twitter Goes Wild After Harmonize Proposes To Kajala | SEE REACTIONS


Twitter has gone wild and reactions have trailed after one of Tanzania's top artists Harmonize finally proposes to his longtime girlfriend Kajala Frida. Check out what Twitter users had to say about the highly publicized event.

25th June 2021 saw the Tanzanian superstar Harmonize finally achieving his longtime dream. Harmonize went on his knees to propose to Kajala Frida at a highly publicized event that was broadcast live on TVE which is one of the top TV stations in Tanzania. 

Reactions and opinions of Kajala saying Yes! have made Harmonize sitting pretty on the Tanzanian Twitter trend table as he's once again become a topic of discussion.

Read what people had to say about Harmonize proposal to Kajala:

  1. Madenge receives backlash after bringing Kajala's age into the mix

2. Some fans were not sure about Harmonize's intentions until the engagement happened.

3. The famous Oscar Oscar questions the timing of the engagement ceremony

4. While the engagement ceremony was still hot, some fans were taking notes

5. Some fans brought the Diamond - Harmonize rivalry to the party

6. For some, the engagement meant, video for Mtaje which is a song by Harmonize dedicated to Kajala is coming