Msamiati's 'Tumeondoka' returns to dominate YouTube's Trending Chart


Once again, Msamiati, one of Tanzania's top-notch rappers, has made his mark on the YouTube Trending chart in Tanzania with the release of his latest music video, 'Tumeondoka.'

The audio for 'Tumeondoka' hit the airwaves over six months ago, receiving widespread critical acclaim.

This rap anthem revolves around the themes of progress, upward mobility, and the grind, with acclaimed artists Joh Makini and Conboi adding their award-winning flair to the track.

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Just four days ago, six months after the audio release, Msamiati dropped the music video for Tumeondoka.

Already, it's garnered an impressive 50k views on YouTube and has once again climbed the ranks to enter Tanzania's YouTube Trending chart.

This achievement solidifies Tumeondoka as one of the rare hip hop videos to grace the Tanzanian YouTube Trending chart this month. 

Watch Tumeondoka By Msamiati Here: