Diamond Platnumz To Premiere 10 Music Videos At The Cinema | SEE DETAILS


To celebrate the release of his 'First Of All' EP, Diamond Platnumz has recently announced that he is set to premiere all the music videos of his EP at the cinema.

Diamond Platnumz To Premiere 10 Music Videos At The Cinema

Tanzanian music sensation Diamond Platnumz has once again made it to the news after announcing that he is about to release all the music videos from his "First Of All" EP in cinemas first, before being published on YouTube.

The father of four made the announcement when he was doing an Insta Live session a day before, as he first made it clear that all the songs in the First Of All EP have their visuals ready and that he will conduct a special premiere of the 10 videos at Cinemax Century at Mlimani City in Dar Es Salaam.

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Speaking about the unprecedented decision during the Insta Live session, Diamond Platnumz said :

"So we'll do the premier at Cinemax, all the videos will be previewed. There will be special invitees and for the uninvited, they will watch the event on Wasafi TV"

So far Diamond Platnumz has not yet announced the date of the video premiere, but fans have been so excited about the event which will surely leave a mark in the history of Tanzanian music.

Diamond Platnumz is now expected to be one of the few artists in the world who have ever done a music video premiere at the cinema along with Taylor Swift who in November 2021 premiered her "All Too Well" music video in a movie theater in New York City.