Outstanding Tracks By Outstanding Women In Music


We all know that women are the backbone of our society. As we celebrate International Women's Day, we came up with a compilation of outstanding tracks about empowerment, strength and sharing in love  from our outstanding women in music.

Tanzanian All Stars - Superwoman

Tanzania's leading women in music came together for an inspiring track titled "Superwoman". The beautiful Tanzanian queens featuring on this all star hit include Gigy Money, Rosa ReeKhadija KopaShiloleAmber Lulu, RubyDizzo ZuchuAbby ChamsNiniLulu DivaKarenMwasiti and Hawa Mayoka.

On this uplifting single, they singers  preach female empowerment with words of encouragement to fight for equality among women. You can just feel the power oozing from these fierce females as they show off their talent and strength.

Nandy - Dozi

Bongo Flava queen, Nandy asserts herself as the powerful woman she is on "Dozi". ‘Dozi’ is Swahili slang for Dose.  She effortlessly gives all the critics a full dose of her success.

On this track Nandy tells off her haters and jealous entities while she highlights the joys  of being successful and appreciates what life has to offer.

Rosa Ree - Kanyor Aleng'

Tanzanian rap goddess, Rosa Ree released "Kanyor Aleng", a heartfelt single which when translated from Maasai to English means 'I love you'. She pours out her deepest feelings to her family and all the mothers out there insinuating that they are the light of the world.

We also get to see her with the queens in her family from her mother and sisters to her nieces who she shares in affection.

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Lady Jaydee - Good Vibes

Respected Tanzanian singer, Lady Jaydee recently released "Good Vibes". Just as the song title suggests, this track celebrates good vibes by appreciating native African dances such as the Shaku Shaku, Gwara Gwara and Odi dance and their effect across the world.

Lady Jaydee continues her legacy by spreading good vibes on this song which comes with a catchy hook that will have you effortlessly singing along.


Bey T - The Most

Kenya's budding rapper, Bey T gave us an empowering track titled, "The Most". She comes through with spontaneous flows where she asserts that she is her to just do her, with no care of what it looks like to the critics.

She also comes through with an aesthetically pleasing music video that pushes girl power where she rides through Nairobi with her crew enjoying their success.

Tanasha Donna - Sawa

Tanasha Donna brings on some euphoric vibes on this Afropop track, "Sawa" where she represents love, peace and unity, reminding us to love ourselves and those that surround us.

She also gave us a visual that warm and vibrant and all about spreading cheer to make the world a better place.


Be sure to share these tracks with the outstanding women in your life to celebrate them this month. Happy Women's Day!


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