VIDEO: Elani - KooKoo + Milele | Kenya


VIDEO: Elani - KooKoo + Milele | Kenya

Elani is a Kenyan group I recently came across at the recommendation of a trusted music ear/friend of mine. Since then, I've been keeping tabs on them. Their new album "Barua Ya Dunia" is straight fire! Without understanding lots of what they're saying, I can still connect with their music due to their outstanding melodies and vocal strengths individually & collectively.

Attached to this post are 2 songs (and videos) titled "Kookoo" and "Milele". The visuals to Kookoo dropped within the last 24 hours while "Milele" has been out for a minute.

If you have a good ear for music, I'm certain you'll enjoy both pieces. Feel free to check out Elani's album on iTunes.


Elani Pic