Mauricio Pochettino responds to Dele Alli's interview about his struggles


The head coach of Chelsea Football Club, Mauricio Pochettino has sent a message to his former Tottenham player, Dele Alli.

Alli had an open interview which was released on the Youtube channel, The Overlap, the session was hosted by former Manchester United player, Gary Neville. The midfielder enjoyed the best of his football at Tottenham while playing under the current Chelsea boss.

The Argentine joined his voice to support the Englishman by posting a picture of both of them while at Tottenham with a blue love heart emoji on his Instagram story.

Alli showered praises on Poch in his interview describing him as one of the best managers he has ever played under.

Mauricio Pochettino was the best manager and I couldn’t have asked for a better manager at the time. I was in him and his team, you know, not just him. There was Jesus [Perez], Miguel [d’Agostino] and Tony [Jimenez]. They are amazing people and they’re so understanding, and it wasn’t like a footballer and a manager relationship. It was deeper than that, I felt. ‘He was just so understanding of the decisions I was making, and he was guiding – like, he cared about me as a person before the football, which is what I needed at that time. And I think that’s important for young players When you go somewhere it can be quite scary, I think. And I never had that fear of, you know, trying to prove myself in that sense, because I felt like he was giving me the platform to express myself the best I could and to be comfortable. I mean, players always used to say, ‘I want to be like that’ [fearless]. I wasn’t fearless. I was just brave. But I think being brave, you feel the fear still, but you still do it. And I think that’s something that he allowed me to do.

Pochettino's contract at Spurs was eventually terminated in 2019 after five years in charge of the club and this brought the end to his player-manager relationship with Alli.