Everton Star Richarlison Slams Liverpool Legend | SEE DETAILS

Everton star player Richarlison took to his social media platform to hit back at comments made by a Liverpool legend about him and his club, Everton.

Everton Richarlison Liverpool Legend

In the early hours of Friday, May 20, 2022, Everton star Richarlison slammed former Liverpool star and legend, Jamie Carragher, following his comment about how he played in the Liverpool vs Everton fixture which took place in May 2022.

Carragher had said:

“Honestly, get up, every week I watch him play like that, Get up, carry on. He’s been down three times already, [there’s] nothing wrong with him.”

This had prompted Richarlison to reply to the former Liverpool man with words that read:

Wash your mouth before you talk about me and Everton and I don’t respect you,

Jamie Carragher also responded after he saw the tweet with the words:

I actually quite like this, if Twitter was about when I was a player I’m sure I would’ve called pundits out quite a lot!!

Richarlison had turned out to be a very influential player in the Everton vs Crystal Palace fixture which took place on Thursday, May 19, 2022, where he had scored the winning goal for his side and had managed to keep them out of the relegation battle.

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