Benjamin Mendy Makes Shocking Revelation as He takes the Stand in Court


Benjamin Mendy has made a shocking revelation about what transpired between himself and the six women he is facing for charges of rape.

Benjamin Mendy
Benjamin Mendy


The French man for the first time since the case began took his stand in Court before the Jury ad he continues to plead not guilty. The Manchester City defender told the jury that women started to approach him from the age of 18 when he was playing for Marseille in the French first division. He said the attention from women became ten times more when he joined Manchester City.

I was enjoying the house, I was enjoying the women. I was so happy to be here, so excited. I was excited about the football as well.

He was asked if it was easy to meet women since he became a footballer, and his response was positive.

Honestly, it was so easy. At the beginning, I did not know why but then I realised it was because of my status. I know I'm not Brad Pitt and I know women didn't come to me for what I look like. Manchester City is one of the best teams in Europe. The way they came to me is not because of the way I look, it is because of football.

He also said that he has learnt a lot of lessons during his time in prison because he had to work for something which was other than football.

I was earning like £4 every day, to spend it in the canteen to buy some food. . It is the first time I was really careful. The life I had before, everything I wanted to have, I just buy it. So it taught me the value of money. Speaking of prison, At the same time, I was sad, and upset to go in there, but at the same time, I l, earned a lot of things about life.

The offences are alleged to have taken place at his mansion between October 2018 and August last year, and relate to six women.