A beginner's guide to online slots in 2023


When it comes to exploring the world of online slots, newcomers often hesitate, unsure of where and how to start. But fret not, this online slot guide is your go-to resource!

With online slots, there isn’t a skill level you need or any rules you need to play by. And those things alone make it one of the easiest games to get into as a new player. 

You’ll need to know a few things before you play, but the most important one is that winning with slots comes down to luck - and making sure you understand volatility and RTP to pick a high pay out machine. 

How do online slots work? 

Part of what makes online slots so popular is that they all work the same. If you understand how one works, you can easily play any machine in a land-based casino or on mobile. 

Slots work on luck, which means they are unpredictable, you can’t cheat, and what comes up on the screen is random. Players who have never played before, who decide to take part in a progressive jackpot, have the same chance of winning on that spin as seasoned pros. It really is anyone's game. 


A payline might sometimes be called a betline, and it is the line of symbols that go across the screen. They could be in a zigzag; they might be straight or diagonal - if you get the right ‘pattern’ of symbols, you’ll win. It is recommended that players play with as many paylines as their bankroll (budget) will let them. 

Reels and Row 

The most common reels and row combination is 5 reels and 3 rows, but that can vary based on the game you choose to play. Reels are the vertical line of symbols, and they spin, while the rows are the horizontal lines on the screen. 

Slot winner jubilating


Slots are what gamers would call an RNG game. RNG stands for Random Number Generator. The software that helps to create the slot machine is programmed to have a completely fair and random outcome - and it can’t be tampered with either. 

For example, taking the typical slot with 5 reels and three rows - you have over a billion possible outcomes. Each symbol has the same chance to appear. 


To check out your potential wins, you can find a paytable that correlates to the slot game you are playing. It will tell you the value of the symbols and any other features you should know about that could increase your winnings. 

Slots winning Bonus

How do you choose a good online slot?

Choosing an online slot to play is all about personal preference. You might want to play slots that have a high RTP (return to player), or you might just want to play one that is part of a progressive jackpot. Consider the features that you find important, and there will be hundreds of slots that meet your needs. 

Here are a few things to think about when choosing a slot. 

High RTP

There are a few slots that have a higher-than-average RTP, and if it is winning you want, then choosing a high RTP makes total sense. A higher RTP will usually mean that you will get regular wins, but they may be smaller. 

Slots with 90% and below as their RTP are very low payers, and 97-99% is the most often. Bigger wins come from a lower RTP, while more regular smaller wins come from a higher RTP. 


The combination of RTP and volatility is what gives you an idea of what wins are possible. Many slot enthusiasts would recommend you play a high RTP with low volatility to give you more regular winning. 

This can help your credits last longer, as you may have a steady win streak. If you bolster that with games with bonuses, free spins, respins, and other features, your gaming sessions can be quite long. 

If you prefer to throw caution to the win, then go with low RTP and high volatility (tough on the bankroll but larger wins). 


Any game that you play should be something you like looking at, and when it comes to slots, there are so many themes that no matter what your hobbies or interests, there will be one that meets that. For vampires and demons, check out Demon Slayer, Immortal Romance, or Vampires vs. Werewolves. 


And finally, when looking for a new favorite slot game, look to see how many features it has. Look for respins, free spins, bonus games, scatter rounds and anything that will increase your chances to win and your game time! 

As we round up this online slot guide, one thing that should never be overlooked is the music for the game! Before committing, make sure that you listen to it for a while because bad gaming music can really ruin a gaming session: Why Sound Design In Gaming Is So Important