Sanya 'Lerin debuts with a hit single titled "Shey You Know"


Sanya 'Lerin debuts with a hit single titled "Shey You Know"

Soulful songstress (@Sanya_Lerin) Sanya ‘Lerin has released her second official single and video ‘Shey You Know” though she has been in the world of Performing Arts for some time now. This song comes after releasing her first official single 'Matter' last year.

Sanya 'Lerin debuts with "Shey You Know" mp3 and Video

Cover Banner for "Shey You Know"

The track 'Matter' has been performed in Dubai and Ghana last year and received great feedback. It hit Nigerian radio stations and has been receiving airtime since. She has been welcomed by her fellow Nigerians with much love and excitement. Blending Afrobeat with some R’n’B sounds, even adding some pidgin and Yoruba in the mix! This is a smooth cultural blend & sweet unique sound you don’t want to miss – Just call her Sanya ‘Lerin!


Listen to the Sanya 'Lerin debuts below and watch the video

Watch the official video of 'Shey You know' below

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