Ozee - Ashawo + Bad Ass (Freestyle)


Ozee - Ashawo + Bad Ass (Freestyle)

Since I became a NotJustOk blogger a couple of months ago, I haven't really been as excited as I am now about posting a song or video (or I don't think I have in all fairness, maybe I've been, shoot me). This dude Ozee is definitely one that will blow, and I'm not just saying that and you don't have to believe me, or pay attention to anything I am typing just yet, all you need to do is listen to Ashawo and Bad Ass (freestyle) below, when you do, you'll probably agree with me, if you don't oh well, you'll be a minority, placed in the category of people known as "HATERS". Enjoy y'all.


[audio:http://www.notjustok.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/ASHAWO-Ozee.mp3|titles=ASHAWO- Ozee]

Bad Ass (Freestyle)

[audio:http://www.notjustok.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Bad-ass-freestyle-.mp3|titles=Bad ass (freestyle)]

NOTE: If you do NOT like crude and vulgar language, "Bad Ass" is probably not for you.

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