Listen to OmoAkin's latest single 'BAMBAM'


The vibrant Nigerian music welcomes a fresh rhythmic addition as the talented singer-songwriter, OmoAkin, unveils his latest singe entitled, BAMBAM. This scintillating single showcases the singer's dynamic musicality and also serves as a sneak peek into the artist's upcoming project scheduled for an early release next year.

BAMBAM is a rhythmic piece that encapsulates the essence of OmoAkin's distinctive style. The track exudes a bouncy and upbeat vibe, capturing the listener's attention from the first note. As the melody unfolds, OmoAkin employs his lyrical prowess to shower praises on the captivating endowment of a woman, particularly highlighting the allure of her backside (bum bum). In a playful twist of words, the artist ingeniously coins the term BAMBAM from bum bum infusing the track with an infectious energy that is both celebratory and exuberant. Through clever linguistic maneuvers, BAMBAM transforms into a vibrant celebration of feminine beauty, amplifying the joyous spirit of the track.

Beyond its infectious rhythm and playful lyrics, BAMBAM serves as a precursor to OmoAkin's upcoming EP coming January 2024, promising a project that delves into various facets of the artist's creativity. The anticipation surrounding this release is heightened by the infectious charm of this new single leaving fans eager to experience the full range of OmoAkin's musical prowess in the forthcoming EP.

Listen to BAMBAM here.