Ogoo – For You

Ogoo – For You

Ogoo – For You

Amazing Singer, Ogoo has deemed us worthy to be blessed with a new tune that can be described as one of the most soulful love songs ever made titled ‘For You'.

Ogoo in her last single 'I'll be there' addressed the issue of mental health and suicide, bringing hope to many lives that listened to it.

After witnessing the massive impact it had, and joy it brought people, Ogoo who is a singer’s singer and lover of humanity was inspired to create something that would hopefully enhance the healing of broken homes, and challenge love in all relationships.

So she went on a journey that took her into people's world and relationships, had heart felt conversations with lovers alike. Spent nights writing, reenacting and recreating stories.

Ogoo sings as a lover to You, promising You undying and relentless love. Speaking from the deep part of her heart, giving assurance of things She'd do "For You"

Ogoo continues to hope above all hope, in a better world, filled with true love and compassion between humans of all race, background and cultures.

For You is meant for You, and everyone else because We all deserve to be loved unconditionally.

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