Idahams Continues The Valentine Mood With His Multi-Single Release


Idahams Continues The Valentine Mood With His Multi-Single Release



With love still in the air even after Valentine’s Day, Idahams, Universal Music Group’s fast-rising instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and producer is set to release a multi-single pack, “Shima” and “Enter My Eye” for lovebirds everywhere.

Produced by Yussy Beats, “Enter My Eye” is the perfect tune to play to assure your lover that “your love no dey for cunny and e no be eye service”  The steady paced melodious tune explains how far lovers are willing to go to express their affections for one another. It demonstrates how powerful and blinding love is, so much so that it completely throws reasoning out.

The second song “Shima”, which was produced by Idahams himself, talks about a young lover who is too shy to reveal his true emotions to his love interest. He subtly hopes that she refuses advances made by other men, and gives him a chance to show how much he loves her, by showing that she is his “Shima”.

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Following his hit single “Billion Dollar”, Idahams delivers these soft-tone tracks just in time for Valentine’s Day, turning the love switch in the hearts of all who listen on.

Click here to listen to "Shima" and "Enter my Eye" by Idahams

Shima -

Enter My Eye -

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