PatUwaje King of Midnight Crew releases sophomore album, "Amazing Grace"


PatUwaje King of Midnight Crew releases sophomore album, "Amazing Grace"

New Album Release - Amazing Grace

PatUwaje King, the Singer/Songwriter and Lead singer of popular Midnight Crew has released her solo sophomore album, "Amazing Grace", a 12 track album.

Patuwaje King of Midnight Crew releases sophomore album, "Amazing Grace"

Album Cover for Amazing Grace

Track List for Amazing Grace Album

Filled with songs of gratitude, the album includes the following track titles:
#Amara (Remix)
#God OfWonders
#Hosannah (Bonus Track)

Pat Uwaje King Sophomore album - "Amazing Grace"

PatUwaje King

Speaking about the Amazing Grace album, PatUwaje King shares:

I'm super super excited to share this news with you all.
The devil tried to stop this one for sure, but we've got the VICTORY in the name of JESUS!  It's been 5 years since we released our debut album and my team and I have worked hard behind the scenes, in and out of the studio, recording, rehearsing, plus a truckload of Prayers and simply waiting on God for the appointed time. All thanks to Jesus, It's finally here! 

Titled so aptly, #AmazingGrace is the simple definition of what I have enjoyed in my over 4 decades of life. God's #AmazingGrace! Every single song on this Album is an expression of gratitude. Each of the 12 Tracks inspires me to Praise, to worship, to dance, to rejoice, to celebrate and to Praise Our King!

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Please get it anywhere you can and let us Praise Jesus together!
Hard copies will be available soon for people like me who still can't do without one in their cars.

Mighty thanks to every producer that worked very hard and contributed in one way or the other towards ensuring that this project is the blessing that it is. I'll be appreciating them in subsequent posts, please help me look out for the posts and thank them for me. Such great blessings! I'm deeply grateful

The album is now available on all online digital stores

Watch the Live recording of ALL POWER MEDLEY from the album Amazing Grace

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