Charles Onyeabor – Bye Bye To My Ex Love

Charles Onyeabor – Bye Bye To My Ex Love

Charles Onyeabor – Bye Bye To My Ex Love

There will always be an 'ex’ before you can move to your next and the phrase 'Bye Bye To My Ex Love' is that one thing we have to say once or many times in our lifetime depending on the curve life throws at us. Heartbreaks happen everyday but a heartbreak song doesn’t come out everyday so this special song is dedicated to mending broken hearts and finding healing'.

These are the words of Nigerian born Italy based singer, Charles Onyeabor who is also the son of Legendary musician, William Onyeabor as he drops his latest song today.

Since he made his debut about 18-months ago, Charles Onyeabor has been consistent with his sound, a feat which has endeared him to good music lovers across Europe and back home in Nigeria.

Leveraging on his growing fanbase in Europe, Charles is looking to bring his success back to his motherland, Nigeria. With this new song, 'Bye Bye To My Ex Love' that's already making waves on 'Tik Tok' Charles surely seems to have hit goldmyne.

Before now, he has released songs like ‘Do It Your Way’ featuring Enrico Matheis, ‘They Can’t Pull Us Down’ featuring Italy based vocalist Miriam Taylor.

Listen to the song below....



Listen to the Charles Onyeabor – Bye Bye To My Ex Love:

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