Chaplain Tim – His Mercy Endureth Forever [Ebighebi] feat. Alicia Orozco


'His Mercy Endureth Forever' is the latest Christian song by Chaplain Tim, and on this soul-lifting song he features Alicia Orozco

Chaplain Tim – His Mercy Endureth Forever [Ebighebi] feat. Alicia Orozco

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Chaplain Tim churns out soothing Christian music that speaks of his life experiences, inspirations, and faith in God from the depth of his soul. He is a Man of God who is on a mission to inspire, comfort, and care for people through his music.

Rev. Tim Ekwemnachukwu Ofojebe wears a few hats. He is a Missionary at the Church of Nigeria North America Missions, Anglican Diocese of the West, United States. A Songwriter, Rapper, and Music Producer. In addition, he has over 13 years of experience in the ordained ministry.

A lot of his dying patients asked many questions. Chaplain Tim wrote this song, 'His Mercy Endureth Forever', to comfort anybody going through such a dilemma and to help them understand that God's mercy endures forever.

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Music Written by Chaplain Tim
Music Produced by Uri Avi & Chaplain Tim

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