Boy Spyce Bares His Vulnerability In New Single 'Relationship'


As the poignant lyrics echo, "That's why I no longer desire relationships," Boy Spyce delivers a powerful message through his latest song, expressing his decision to move away from romantic entanglements, at least for now. The Mavin Records singer-songwriter is back with a brand new single titled "Relationship," following the release of his amazing song "Folake" and his remarkable involvement in the hit single "Carry Me Go" alongside the Jolie crooner, Khaid.

In the new single, Boy Spyce delivers a heartfelt message about his desire to move on from romantic entanglements. With poignant lyrics and a captivating melody, the Mavin Records talented artist explores the complexities of love and the decision to step away from relationships. The track also showcases Boy Spyce's introspective side as he reflects on past experiences and expresses his need for independence.

Backed by a soulful production rendered by himself, his emotive vocals bring depth and authenticity to the song. "Relationship" serves as a powerful tune for anyone seeking personal growth and a fresh start. Boy Spyce's candid approach and relatable storytelling make this single a compelling addition to his discography, resonating with listeners who have experienced the ups and downs of love.

"Relationship" serves as yet another addition to Boy Spyce's impressive run in 2023. After dishing out two incredible songs already' "Folake" and "Carry Me Go" with Khaid, the singer is out for more, and he might just get it.

Listen to Relationship here.