itsMOSA - Colours I Hear Album - Out Now


itsMOSA - Colours I Hear Album - Out Now

itsMOSA - Colours I Hear Album - Out Now

Dope superproducer, songwriter and singer itsMOSA has just released his debut album. It's titled "Colours I Hear".

Awesome love songs, beats and vocals. We've come to expect nothing else from the man behind the wedding anthem "Femi"!

He shared this clip about the project on Instagram:

? by @dunjoye. Experiencing the world through synaesthesia’s the most beautiful gift. Everything comes with its own colour tag. Every word has a colour. Days of the week have colours. Even sounds have colours. I’ve been a producer and songwriter for years now but I just never put together a body of work to try to capture the colours I hear; until now. The album covers a spectrum from vulnerability, to regret, to reminiscing on that one that got away. All of these things drip with colour in my mind and my goal on this album was just to express that. Tell everyone you know ?♥ Thank you. #CIH #ColoursIHear ? #Album #Music

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The album's available now on all major platforms (Spotify link will go live from Tuesday):