3 Songs Of Late Ghanaian Singer, Ebony Reigns, That Give A Glimpse Of The Talent We've Lost


3 Songs Of Late Ghanaian Singer, Ebony Reigns, That Give A Glimpse Of The Talent We've Lost

The sad news of the death of one of Ghana's best artiste, Ebony Reigns, hit everyone on the 8th of February, 8 days to her 21st birthday like a hard blow and while Ghanaians are still mourning this loss of a great talent, some people don't understand the full extent of the loss because to them, we just lost a young Ghanaian singer. But guess What? Ebony Reign wasn't just young, she was also really talented and it is a bit of this talent, we would like to show you in her songs... just three of them.

1. Sponsor:

This song tells the story of young girls who date older men for financial benefit because the younger guys cannot foot their bills. The video tells the story better with Ebony seen with an Older man who is ready to buy her anything and take her anywhere. Aside from her great vocals, her ability to flow effortlessly with English and her indigenous language is really commendable and she did that so well in sponsor.

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2. Hustle:

This song appreciates the hard work of Ghanaian women and young girls telling the story of how their hustling is what determines their daily bread, they focus more on it without socializing and Ebony is not apologizing for that. This song appeal to the hustlers in the world, not just Africa. It pays homage to their hustle and as usual, speaks more to her people with the language she used.


Maame Hw3

"I hate you so much right now!..." this for me is Ebony's best and while it restricts non-Ghanaian speaking countries to understand some part of the lyrics, the other English speaking parts make up for it as she ensures that the keywords like "beat me every night and day" are rendered in English giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy. The song is also really great because of the video and how powerful it is.

Losing Ebony is a big loss to not just Ghana, but to the entire Africa as we will miss her and the great story interpretation seen always in her videos.