Ycee Speaks On African-American Twitter Space #SecureTheTribe | LISTEN


The singer made his stance clear about the African-American and African immigrants discussion.

Ycee #SecureTheTribe Secure the tribe twitter space

Nigerian rapper, singer and songwriter Oludemilade Martin Alejo, popularly known as Ycee, spoke on the African-American and African immigrants discussion on twitter a space tagged #SecureTheTribe. 

The discussion, which kicked-off on January 27th, 2022, via Twitter spaces tagged "How Does Immigration Benefit Black Americans? #SecureTheTribe" heard African-Americans and Africans speak about the impact of African immigrants on them. The space, which is currently ongoing, largely posits an angle that states that African immigrants are not contributing to the system.

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Speaking, on the twitter space, rapper Ycee came up to address one of the speakers, Tariq Nasheed, who was adamant about why Africans were immigrating to America, as they offered no benefit to the "foundational African-American" community. The rapper, in his brief speech, made it clear that some of the speakers' speeches were condescending, also stating that not all Nigerians are in abject poverty and are looking to migrate.

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