The Internet Is Pissed At Burna Boy For Supposedly Disrespecting His Elders In The Past

Burna Boy & Nigeria's Acceptability Politics

Burna Boy & Nigeria's Acceptability Politics

It's another day for Burna Boy and the internet after an old video surfaced online showing Burna disrespectfully walking out of an interview after he got bored and blunt about it.

Burna Boy, who initially sat with his mother and grandfather during an interview with an international media platform, Noisey, later got up while his grandfather was responding to the Interviewer's question to state that the interview was already feeling boring and they should step out. This left his mother looking disappointed and his grandfather speechless.

The internet has since been reacting to the action, calling out Burna Boy for treating his parents the way they perceived he treated them.

See video of Burna Boy's Disrespectful Act and People's reactions



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9 months ago

Well, to me I don't see it as disrespect, I mean he is not the first person to ignore some interviews from some journalists just like every other celebrity. The only case here is that he was with his parents and nothing more. His parents should equally understand the situation, most times if you fail to avoid some interviews you will end up saying what you don't wish to say.