Omah Lay's 'I'm a Mess' featured on Netflix original series 'Everything Now'


The new Netflix original series Everything Now features I'm a Mess by Omah Lay as a soundtrack in its opening scene.

The Netflix original teen series revolves around Mia, who is played by Sophie Wilde, who most recently appeared in A24's horror film Talk To Me and brings a mix of vulnerability, determination, and humour to her role. Mia is navigating the difficult journey of recovering physically and mentally from an eating disorder. The show follows Mia's healing process as she deals with her trauma and the fact that the world moved on without her while she was in a clinic being treated for her disorders. Everything is now set to be released on October 5, 2023.

The incorporation of Omah Lay's popular track I'm a mess in the show's opening scene portrays Mia's deepest emotions, despite her extended stay in the hospital. Mia grapples internally with the realization that her seclusion from the world is over, and it's time to start the external healing process. The journey to recovery is far from straightforward, with some obstacles along the way, and I'm a mess effectively captures these challenges in the opening scene.

At the moment, Everything Now holds the seventh position in Nigeria's Top 10 TV shows. I'm a Mess is a track featured in Omah Lay's renowned album, Boy Alone, which made its debut in 2022. This album unveils the anxiety and fear that are always concealed beneath the surface. While few afrobeat songs delve into the mental health of creative artists, Omah Lay skillfully captures this lyrical depth.

During a conversation with Adesope Olajide on the Afrobeat Podcast, Omah Lay discussed the impact of his sudden rise to fame on his mental well-being. However, he has since gained the ability to manage his mental health effectively and is eager to share his personal journey with his fan base.