Clout Africa Thrill Lagos With Sizzling Concert Ft. Ruger, BNXN, Oxlade, Victony, Others


Clout Africa Thrill Lagos With Sizzling Concert Ft. Ruger, BNXN, Oxlade, Victony, Others

The content promotion establishment had its 5th edition concert, and it probably can't be talked about enough.

The highly anticipated Detty December in Lagos has finally kicked off, and Clout Africa no doubt gave Lagosians a sizzling taste of what the entertainment culture in Lagos is and will be all throughout the festive period.

Clout Africa, a content promotion machine designed to be a full media incubator and connect brands to global audiences, started a music concert designed to inspire a closer relationship between the fans and the superstar guests known as "Clout Talk Concert," and its 5th edition, which focused on Afrobeats and was tagged "The Victory Lap," was held on Saturday, December 10 at Wonderland, Eko Atlantic, Victoria Island, Lagos. Here is a review of the event, highlighting the good and bad moments.

Branding and Partnership

Events in Lagos are beginning to see brand support, which is very interesting to see. Brands are beginning to jump on the many pros attached to partnering with event hosts due to the staunch truth of being able to reach out to a sizeable number of attendees, which of course offers them a pool of potential customers. The clout concert saw the result of proper branding and sponsorship as major brands like Tom-Tom, who was the headline sponsor, Pepsi, Chicken Republic, and Captain Morgan came on board.

Having these brands on board must have contributed to adequate sound, lighting, visual display, PR, and other components before, during, and/or after the event. Interestingly, brands like Chicken Republic barely show up at concerts; hence, it was nice to see that they were available with their products, which many would have had to go purchase at their store before, during, or after the event. However, bringing their product, which is an essential commodity, close to the partygoers was a brilliant idea, and hopefully they partner with more event brands. Also, Tom Tom had amazing activations for the concertgoers, and interestingly, an iPhone was given out to a talent display winner. Pepsi and Captain Morgan equally served the drinking urge of the crowd.


The clever line-up of artistes, which was tailored for the new age, was a no-brainer in attracting a large crowd, and the "early" December date was equally ideal because "Detty December" had not yet begun properly, so there was a high chance of people showing up. Aside from the aforementioned, the show's publicity strategy resulted in a record-breaking turnout.

Away from the regular space, the VIP section was equally packed, resulting in a show that must have seen nothing less than 2,000 people who actually came to party, connect, and have a great time.


As earlier said, having a line-up of four of the hottest new-age acts on the continent promises nothing short of a mind-blowing show, and the event organizers might have even spent less in securing their services. BNXN, Ruger, Victony, and Oxlade are artistes that are enjoying the buzzing "Afrobeats to the World" movement and no doubt have a good level of international exposure and reach, which makes them exciting performers for the crowd.

Clout Africa Clout Talk Concert BNXN Ruger Oxlade Victony
Clout Africa Clout Talk Concert BNXN Ruger Oxlade Victony

With the improved listening taste and acceptance culture present in the music space on the consumer end, artistes don't have to be compelled to perform just "hits." Hence, Nigerian acts are given the chance to perform more songs during events, as long as they connect with the crowd and get them going.

Clout Africa Clout Talk Concert BNXN Ruger Oxlade Victony
Clout Africa Clout Talk Concert BNXN Ruger Oxlade Victony

Away from the superb performances from the headline acts, a surprise performance from veteran rapper Reminisce launched the night into another sphere. Brilliant performances from acts like Jaido P, Soundz, Khaid, Mani Lapush, and others also added to the flavour of the night.

Clout Africa Clout Talk Concert BNXN Ruger Oxlade Victony
Clout Africa Clout Talk Concert BNXN Ruger Oxlade Victony
Clout Africa Clout Talk Concert BNXN Ruger Oxlade Victony
Jaido P
Clout Africa Clout Talk Concert BNXN Ruger Oxlade Victony
Mani Lapush

All around, it was an exciting night of superb performances and an amazing crowd to enjoy them as well.


The lateness culture is a big thing for both event organizers and event goers in Lagos, which drains the energy. However, kudos to the event organizers for starting as early as possible. However, the punctuality of the headline acts was a bit late, and it would have been better if they came earlier as the crowd was already losing its energy. However, generally, the concert started on time and ran its course till about 4 a.m.

Having highlighted the positive side of the event, here are some areas we’d love to see improved in subsequent editions:


It is understandable that the "Clout Talk Concert" is a music concert designed to bridge the gap between celebrities and fans. However, for what might have been the "grand concert" to close the year, the mid-interviews that were conducted were not really necessary. Considering that a substantial larger amount of attendees were recorded, the attention span is quick to move; hence, celebrities interviewed in the middle of the show sort of brought the energy to an abrupt stop. For example, attendees who got to the show several hours after the stated start time are expecting to meet nothing but loud music, performances, and related components, only to meet a host interviewing a guest. In the same vein, due to the abrupt drop in the tempo of activities, some attendees might have become uninterested and left.

Clout Africa Clout Talk Concert BNXN Ruger Oxlade Victony
Ehiz & Josh2Funny

Against this backdrop, it is more advisable that the interviews be conducted during the early hours of the night, after which the energy only goes up. Of course, the advice applies only to the "grand concert" because of the larger audience than the typical "clout talk" concert, which has a much smaller audience.


No doubt, the whole crew of Clout Africa understood the assignment and executed it perfectly. Impressively, all the acts that were advertised to perform (especially the headliners) came through. It was the perfect way to kickstart the "detty decemeber" for every concert-goer, and the Clout Africa team should be highly commended for organizing and executing such an incredible event. The December 2022 "Clout Talk Concert" edition was an unforgettable night that was energetic, monumental, spectacular, and exhilarating.

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