Blaqbonez Proposes a Protest Against Lagos Landlords


Rapper and 'BBC' crooner, Blaqbonez has taken to his Twitter page to rant about the tendency of Lagos landlords to deny unmarried people accommodation due to their marriage status and admitted to considering the thought of organising a protest on the issue. 

Blaqbonez landlord

He tweeted saying; “this stupid society and how it forces marriage on people is irritating I’m this close to organizing a protest  because nobody wants to rent houses to single people no matter how much you have or how successful. useless country.”

Still infuriated he added “the time i gather boys and block one of their precious estate gates and cause problems for their tenants they’d understand how unfair and wicked they’re being.”

Several Twitter users have aired their opinion on the issue and even shared experiences where they were denied accommodation for similar reasons as well. 

If Blaqbonez successfully organises a protest against Lagos landlords to speak about wrongful denial of housing, will you join the movement?