9 Years Later, Timaya Reveals Reasons For Taking Back His Car "Gift" From Ex-Girlfriend, Empress


9 Years Later, Timaya Reveals Reasons For Taking Back His Car "Gift" From ex Girlfriend, Empress

Timaya has finally revealed that contrary to opinions of people that he just wanted to take back his car from his ex-girlfriend Empress, there is actually a back story to it that needs to be told.


The singer made this revelation in a recent interview with popular anti-tithe OAP, Daddy Freeze at the singer's house where he stated that the car was given to him as a birthday gift by a lady who also liked him.

In this interview, Timaya took us through a journey down memory lane when he met the Nollywood actress, Empress Njamah, how they started dating till they broke up and the car issue became another problem.

On how things went south with both of them, the singer said he still doesn't know but all he remembers is that they woke up one morning and his then-girlfriend, Empress Njamah accused him of cheating on her with other women which the singer stated that he wasn't and didn't state the names of the women he claimed Empress mentioned even though he said these women are popular celebrities.

33:50 minutes into the interview with Daddy Freeze, the singer recounted the incident with the car he took back from Empress Njamah after they broke up. He said;

At that point, before we broke up, she wanted me to get her a Morano and a friend of mine came for Christmas at that point, he has a Morano... he was going back so he wanted me to buy the car so I told her I’ll get this car, you like it? she said, eh, she does not like this very one, that there’s another one that she wants from  America. So I gave you the money to buy this car... then a girl bought me a Honda pilot for my birthday, just a fan, no strings attached... yet. I didn’t want it coz I knew where it was heading to but one of my boys be like, Baba it’s a gift so i was just like, ok... At that point I had an X500, A Jaguar, Tuaregs, so a Honda pilot wasn’t really like... so I said make my boys dey use am... Her car was bad at that point, she now took the Honda Pilot and was driving it but she didn’t know it was a gift, obviously, I mean... so along that two months now wey I give money make you buy your car, you say your car is coming from America, we broke up like the third month ... after we broke up, I begin they look the thing like this one na relationship wey una get misunderstanding, you guys can still make it (back together). One month pass, we no dey come back, I still dey beg this babe. I dey try to make am understand say... she now told me that she dey hear say this car sef say na girl buy am, I say yes, it's a gift. I explained to this babe, i no lie. I was real... that was how me and that girl broke up.

To get to the bottom of the story, Empress refused to give him back the car to return to the owner who already started asking back for her gift because Timaya revealed Empress said she already settled herself with the car hence she wasn't going to release it.

The singer went on to state that the reason he is trying to clarify is that he doesn't like how people use him as an example for guys who buy gifts for people and take it back.

Thinking about the experience, the artiste said;

I don’t capitalize on any bad side, there was no bad sides, it's just the experience at that point which is normal and that helped me to grow into the man that I’ve become.

Timaya and Empress broke up in 2009 after dating for some time and their break up was messy enough to get him arrested for disturbing the peace of the church which got the attention of the media.

Watch the video below;