YQ - Fvck You (Cover)

YQ - Fvck You (Cover)

Overview of YQ - Fvck You (Cover)

The hook master - YQ, joins the trending "Fvck You" challenge with a mashup of RnB and some sweet old skool vibes.


Check it out below...


Notable Lyrics

Six O'clock in the morning wipe the sleep fro  my eyes...

I realize say you no dey around to cure my agro when i, when i wanna s*x you ah...

I've been good to you, never was rude to you...

Though i hear say different n*ggas dey koboko you...

Everybody get their past that's why i call you my shawty...

The one wey come dey vex me pass na why you dey post the picture of your bobby...

I need a girl to be my wife, i need a new girl in my life...

Before i kill person o, arrest me...

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