Lace - Sebiwo (Remix) ft. Yemi Alade + I Remember ft. 9ice


If there's one "street hop" album I desperately wanna listen to right now, it's the newly-released "Benin 2 Nigeria" by LACE. This guy barely puts a foot wrong when it comes to dropping dope tracks that eventually become street hits.


Listen to 2 album cuts "Sebiwo (Remix)" featuring Yemi Alade and "I Remember" featuring 9ice. Both tracks are awesome and totally different from each other. The featured acts also came korrect. Good stuff!

S/O to Dozage Records. I'll be expecting my complimentary copy of B2N via email. 🙂


Lace Benin 2 Nigeria Album Art

Sebiwo Remix ft. Yemi Alade [DOWNLOAD]


I Remember ft. 9ice [DOWNLOAD]