Official Lyrics To 'Intro' By Khalid Ft Alicia Keys


Khalid And Alicia Keys Lyrics

Read the full lyrics to 'Intro' by Khalid, featuring Alicia Keys. 'Intro' was released by Khalid a few days ago as the opening track on his new album titled 'Scenic Drive', with a feature from Alicia Keys. Read the lyrics to the short song below.

Official Lyrics To Intro By Khalid Ft Alicia Keys
Khalid And Alicia Keys

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Khalid & Alicia Keys - Intro Lyrics

Intro: Khalid
Can we just talk? Can we just talk?
Send me your location
Let's ride the vibrations
I don't need....

Verse: Alicia Keys
Thank you for tuning in to Scenic Drive
We're here tonight to provide the vibes
So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride
Ah, ah, ah, ah
Ah, ah, ah, ah
Ah, ah, ah, ah
Ah, ah, ah, ah
Ah, ah, ah, ah

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