DOWNLOAD : Coke Studio Africa 2018 Christmas Playlist featuring Moji ShortBaba and Fik Fameica


In keeping up with the Christmas spirit, Coke Studio Africa released a 2018 Christmas Playlist ahead of the anticipated premiere of the new and upcoming season of Coke Studio Africa – set to launch on TV across Africa from Feb 2019. The Christmas Playlist now available on Coke Studio Africa YouTube, features newly recorded Christmas classics, including “12 Days of Sikuku” by Kenyan hitmaker Moji Shortbabaa, "Deck The Halls" by African Hip Hop stars Fik Fameica (Uganda) & Laylizzy (Mozambique) and "Joy To the World" by Skales (Nigeria).

In“12 Days of Sikuku”, Moji stays true to his playful personality, while blending Swahili, English and Sheng to sonically recount a typical Kenyan Christmas experience; from signature festive dishes, fashion craze and the fun-filled family reunions. The song is a rework of famed Christmas carol “12 Days of Christmas”, was recorded earlier this December during the production of the upcoming new season of the show dubbed ‘Coke Studio Africa 2019’.

Moji said, “Growing up, Christmas was always a time to link up with the family, get new clothes and make merry but also share with the less fortunate. My lyrics are just a snapshot of my Kenyan Christmas experiences; from what we eat, what we consider as gifts and so forth."

The playlist also features “Deck The Halls”— an original R&B/hip hop track performed by two of Africa’s rising hip hop stars:  Laylizzy and Fik Fameica (Uganda). Blending Luganda, Portuguese and English, they worked on several music fusions produced by top Tanzanian record producer Lizer. Lovers of the show will get to see the duo in cutting-edge performances that will unite audience from East to Southern Africa and across.

Ahead of the release of “Deck The Halls”, Laylizzy said, “Christmas to me is all about catching up with the family. In Mozambique we are big on reunions during the festive season. My lyrics on the jam are very nostalgic, it has a very heartwarming and suave vibe to it,”adding, ‘’Fik coming from 256 and am representing 258, we did easily found common ground; we are all speaking for the youth, we were aligned before we even spoke to each other. Guys should expect the best of the sauce coming out of our collaboration on the show next year.’’

‘Coke Studio Africa 2019’ will feature over 25 African musicians drawn from several countries across Sub Sahara Africa, including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique, Nigeria and South Africa, among others. Once again, the show will present to lovers of African music: world-class music fusions and original compositions, engineered by some of Africa’s top music producers.

Every year, Coke Studio Africa releases Christmas hits with an urban pop twist remade by Coke Studio stars drawn across the continent. Check out Coke Studio Africa Christmas Playlist here: