Why Is Tanzania's Billnass Going Viral With Puuh? | READ REVIEW


In Tanzania, Billnass is now making waves. Taking over the charts, making fans go wild in concerts and making slay queens chant Puuh all the time in Tiktok. In a music industry which is always headlined by Bongo Fleva artists, Billnass has, through Puuh, taken Bongo Hip Hop in the front row seat. Read our full review. 

Puuh by Billnass is the Number 1 song in Tanzania right now. According to Boomplay Charts, Puuh has rocked number 1 this week surpassing heavily marketed Diamond's Chitaki, Marioo's Lonely and Rayvanny's Nitongoze. The song has so far clocked 11 Million streams on the app and, on YouTube, the lyric video has racked up more than 3 Million streams in less than a month.

But what has made the song so popular? Different Tanzanian stars such as Esma Platnumz, Dully Sykes, Nandy, Kili Paul, Linah, Lulu Diva and many others participated in the trending Puuh Challenge. Here is our review.

Puuh - Billnass

Jay Melody's Chorus 

Jay Melody deserves a standing ovation for delivering such a simple, addictive and explosive chorus in Puuh. The part in the chorus when  Jay Melody says "Na ukinikumbatia Moyo Unadunda Puuh" made all the girls want to run back to their boyfriends to get a big fat hug. 

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Simple Verse. 

In Puuh, Billnass did not try to become Nikki Mbishi or Dizasta Vina instead he decided to craft his sound. His rap lines became as simple and singable as possible to the point of making females who are known for their dislike for Hip-hop, strike his rap lines. 

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Mixing and mastering 

Lizer Classic did an incredible job ensuring that Puuh is tightly glued together. The beautiful blend of Jay Melody's sultry vocals and the background piano in the chorus which later develops to a darker and electronic-like feel when Jay Melody repeatedly chants Puuh makes this song a pure classic. 

Listen To Puuh By Billnass Here:

Puuh - Billnass