Feza Kessy Drops A Brand New Single Titled "Siwezi" | LISTEN


Feza Kessy Drops A Brand New Single Titled "Siwezi" | LISTEN

Tanzanian singer and songwriter who has recently been trending on Instagram and other social networks, Feza Kessy has turned up the tables with her new single titled Siwezi. 

Siwezi is a Swahili word for "I Can't" and in this song, Feza Kessy reminds people of how high quality she is as she says no to men who offer cheap things to get her attention. The song's message is short, and definite and might be controversial but will, without a doubt, appeal to many Generation Z. 

Siwezi is Feza Kessy's first song in 2023 and her first single in 7 months since dropping the thanksgiving Nashukuru and the song is expected to make waves in Tiktok as the message is relatable to many. 

Feza Kessy is a Tanzanian socialite and singer who took over Tanzania a few years back with Amani Ya Moyo and her 2014 hit Papa. 

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