Biography : Country Wizzy, A Trailblazer Who Turned Tanzanian Hip-hop Into A Runway


It's not hard to imagine that if Country Wizzy was based in the United States, he would be celebrated in the same league as hip-hop icons such as Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar or even Lil Wayne. Get ready to discover the biography of Country Wizzy,  a rapper, who transformed the Tanzanian hip hop scene into a fashion runway. 

Country Wizzy's influence on the Tanzanian rap scene is unquestionable. His debut album known as “Yule Boy” is a solid evidence that he is one of the very first rappers to introduce the “Trap” genre in the face of Tanzanian music. His impact is so great that he is usually addressed as “The Father”, a testament verifying his leadership in the Tanzanian music industry. 

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Apart from his impressive catalog of more than 60 singles, Country Wizzy has strategically positioned himself as a trendsetter, with his influence extending beyond music into fashion. Scroll to read the biography and 6 things you didn't know about Country Wizzy : 

1.Background And Early Life 

Born and raised in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania Country Wizzy whose real name is Ibrahim Ayoub Mandingo was born on November 15th, 1990. He hails from a notable musical lineage, with his brother, Babu Wa Kitaa, serving as both a rapper and host at one of Tanzania’s leading TV stations, Clouds TV. 

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The roots of Country Wizzy's artistic journey can be traced back to his formative years, where he found inspiration in his brother's creative pursuits and the illustrious hip-hop group known as Wandago Family.

Venturing Into Music. 

It was in 2004, when Country Wizzy first started recording and caught the attention of industry insiders. His unbridled potential and well executed rap lines made him an ideal candidate to join the ranks of Baucha Records - one of the country's leading record labels at the time.

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However, he received some wise counsel from his mother, advising him to put his music career on hold and focus on his education. Country Wizzy was in form 1 at that time. 

Biography Of Country Wizzy

Mainstream Coverage 

Country released his first song in October 2010 titled You Are The One. The thrilling love song became radio friendly, establishing his status as one of the most promising rappers at the time. 

Wizzy went on to release different rap blockbusters such as “Watch Me” “Hakuna Matata” and “Im Coming Home” that continued to solidify his status in the Tanzanian rap game. 

In 2017 soon after releasing Turn Up everything changed in his career and he became a household name. His new style of infusing Bongo Hip Hop and America’s trap became popular and resonated with the mostly Generation Z demographic. 

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Joining Konde Gang 

In September 2020 Country made it to the headlines after it was announced that he joined Harmonize’s music powerhouse,  Konde Music Worldwide

Under the label, Country Wizzy further shaped his career dropping monster tracks including “Baby” which is his second most streamed single on the Chinese owned app, Boomplay. 

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In January 2022, Country ditched the label and started his very own music empire titled “I Am Music” and unveiled his first artist Bruce Africa months later. 

Legacy And Trendsetting  

Country Wizzy is a symbol and a beacon of new sound in the Tanzanian rap game. He is one of the first Tanzanian rappers to introduce and marinate “the trap” genre in the Tanzanian market. He hails as “The Father” of Generation Z artists like Young Lunya, Salmin Swaggz, Platform and many more. 

His fashion style which is an integration of streetwear and sneaker trends has been popular in mainstream fashion, establishing him as a symbol of "cool" among Gen Z.

Bio Of Country Wizzy

International Collaborations 

You can't complete the biography of Country Wizzy, without mentioning his boastful set of foreign features as he is one of the most decorated Tanzanian rappers when it comes to International collaborations. Since his debut, Country has always tried to push the Tanzanian rap game to the stratosphere. 

The rapper has so far worked various African acts such as Kenya’s Khaligraph Jones, Nigeria’s Seyi Shay and the award winning Skales and from South Africa he has recently worked with Emtee in the reigning hit titled “Oright” 

Listen To "Oright" By Country Wizzy Here: