Magnom - Seaside Nitendo (Mixtape)

Overview of Magnom - Seaside Nitendo (Mixtape)


Ghanaian producer-artist Magnom presents to us a brand new project. The musician well known in the industry for his heavy influence on hip hop and trap, as well as EDM inspired afrobeat bangers, collaborated with Azonto originator and pioneer Nshorna Muzik, who is recognized as the production force behind the Azonto sound, and they release a tape titled "Seaside Nitendo".


On this project, the duo attempt to push a new sound into the Ghanaian music industry. As expected from the two genius producers, the 7 track sonic masterpiece is groundbreaking and the first of its kind in the country. How? The beat of each song is created by fusing the unique sounds from 8 and 16 bit retro game sounds with modern afrobeat, trap and afro-soul rhythms, which gave rise to the fitting project title.

The "Seaside Nitendo" visuals consisted of two fun and colorful 90s-style animated music videos for 2 singles off the tape "Economy" and "Big Body" featuring the two musicians as characters in different retro games, which were both released as singles prior to the release of the project.

This body of work strikes nostalgia of the 90's and also serves bangers you can easily jam to today, delivered in a fun and well themed visual package that boasts creativity and attention to detail. "Seaside Nintendo" is available on all online stores now.

Stream the project on SoundCloud below.



For more info and tracks check out Magnom's NotJustOk Page.


Other top tracks by Magnom include:

1. Magnom ft. Joey B - My Baby

2. Magnom ft. Mr Eazi - Overfeed Me

3. Magnom - Knack

4. Magnom - Baptise Me

5. Magnom - Ohemaa

6. Magnom ft. KwakuBs and Kiddblack - Who Want Jam

7. Magnom ft. Nshorna Muzik - Economy

8. Magnom ft. Nshorna Muzik - Big Body

9. Magnom ft. Nshorna Muzik - Open Your Mind Inside

10. Magnom - We Speed 2 (Album)




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