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EXCLUSIVE: Olamide – Confession Aiye (Prod by Samklef)

Post by Ovie O, February 21st, 2013

Baddo of Life… Baddo of Destiny… Baddo of Existence!

Olamide is now officially the lyrical dragon of Nigerian rap. Dude destroys every beat he comes across. He literally just recorded this new cut “Confession Aiye” less than 2 hours ago and we’re bringing it to you guys fresh out the kitchen.

If you still doubt this guy’s lyrical skills, believe me, you’re on your own.

The S.O.S mixtape is looking too live!


Olamide a

Produced by Samklef


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69 responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Olamide – Confession Aiye (Prod by Samklef)”

  1. kenneth says:

    OLAMIDE!!!! Right from his first album where he created his own crunk style…..i knew he would stay relevant!!

  2. omobabaolowo swaqq says:

    omo dis guy is dah hottest rapper in the game right now.

  3. Davo says:

    BaBaLaWo Yin Gon KoLè Tap CuRrEnt GlOry Wa.

  4. TWEETORACLE says:


  5. dtyungman says:

    y do i think dis guy z tryna diss Vector??

  6. tunji says:

    crap! must you release everytime? why the stuppid rush

  7. jay says:

    oh my God,all i hear is noise.

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  9. yinka says:

    Nice one bro you are Mouthted Badoo for life..Olamide Rain for Life

  10. @EdoBorn says:

    Make sense….atleast he remembers the fore runners in rap

  11. Enigma says:

    product of passion…

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  13. @McGeezie says:

    whoever boos this is daft…Olamide is the moment!! Obvious!! take it or get a dildo and fuck yursef!!

  14. King says:

    Anytime i listen to this guy..i always want to hustle more and more and be myself…am tired of club song that will makes you commit crime …..i need a song that can motivate me..Olumide pls give us more motivate song..

  15. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    PURE MILITAINMENT…i sincerely feel bad for anybody that doesnt understand yoruba right now. He's basically saying things like "f-u-c-k U haters, the competition is crippled, his Bariga mob will kill u like a pig and him odeshi pass una juju"…all in a very rugged tone. Pls ask a friend for the full translation but OLAMIDE goes in #ultraHARD. Oloun!!!

  16. krypticmoh says:

    he went hard…..woooow. if u don't understand yoruba mehn u wont really understand.

  17. best rapper alive……..fuck anybody wey talk say him get talk for mouth pass am…make dem talk am naaa abi them the wait for wistle?

  18. Mackson Kenneth says:

    the Guy is fuckin TighT MAN…..

  19. ODUDUDWA says:


  20. tobi says:

    sick tune confesion aiye#………samklef lose beat e cypher…….@#/% u all haters………(((won fe blow job mi)))))

  21. Mogul Is Here says:


  22. kamal says:

    God bless you

  23. Enroe says:

    This guy has beat Da Grin…

  24. MSIA says:

    Olamide always murdered all songs Gbam..pitty for me no yoruba hearing crying hahahalol one love man kiip it love more love frm Ontario

  25. rotimiolowofela says:

    this guy is cwazzy mehn… tight one

  26. Ovie's close friend says:

    Olamide of life!!!

  27. tfp says:

    lol.. that line killed me mehn #dopeness!
    and lmaoo @ d end.. F*ck y'all N*gga's forming porssh…BABA IYA YAN!
    LMAOO…OLAMIDE!!! real street blood!

  28. Nuff said mehn, you've made you point and its obvious, anyone who still hating on you them no get work for real. Samklef nooni…. Baddoo toh Quality!

  29. Ability says:

    this guy can sing mehn…..olasticastic badooo i love ya

  30. Ademola says:

    People expect him to keep fightin the ghost ? If this guy should die tomorrow we will surely except that he's better than Dagrin.. No disrespect to Dagrin and I wont compare Olamide to a dead man.

  31. says:

    wow, Olamide is killing it & listening carefully I feel there are 3 subliminal jabs at V.E.C (

  32. lone_wolf says:

    all of you making noise he didnt even say anything punch lines that i havn't heard its type before juz coz he is saying it in yoruba annd wow its madt nnd extraordinary…am not saying it aint good buht abeg you guyz are iverhyping it

  33. Bigfish says:

    If I have a million $, I will give Olamide 60% of it, I don’t give a fuck who don’t like this G, I never stopped listening to all your dupe drops OKADA NO GET REVERSE.. B*TCH I ONLY GO FURTHER

  34. alapomerin says:

    Damn.. Olamide is good….. i always say he’s shouting… but i felt the passion in this Jam.. Its not noise… its called passion… Respect man !

  35. Jeff says:

    I call thıs guy Nıja best because he wakes my spırıt when ever ı lısten to hıs track

  36. Jevwe says:

    Okpon ori rihana da bi tikpakor..hehehe, dis guy no dey here word,lol

  37. hotbillz says:

    vec no go fit reply this guy cos he dey vex right now

  38. YoungG says:

    Olamide is a f*ckin G mehn!! #salute

  39. Yomex says:

    Gbagbe oshi ! this guy is off the hook mehn

  40. Olamide this year na your year oh but live life with Ease oh.i wish you the very best you be confirm goal getter.

  41. Ovi Saks says:

    ok wtf, I don't even spk yoruba, but I dey feel this tune dieee! olamide it.

  42. black n white says:

    kudos olamide,u are mouthed na u dey make us glad 4 naija nw!!!!

  43. charles says:

    i love u man,olamide for life i dont spk yoruba but this guy is a bomb i always asks my friends for translation after every of his trasck

  44. theLASTMAN Ψ ︻╦╤─ says:

    omo gbayi dem dey feel u for london no be small…awon omo ibo to ki dem dey recite ur lines foreal, Olamide ma she lo ko ni si ewu…triple tuale…i just gas to comment again

  45. mykeland says:

    olamide!!! U’re a genius . U’re more dan a rapper. Anybody dat vilify olamide is a nitwit. U’re d best 4 now ‘ybln’

  46. Rashio says:

    I luv u so much and u ar d best ryt nw. may God stil educer u more.

  47. Though not all olamides song make sense……bt i really lyk this song……. So wa lo mo bado ni…..

  48. Though not all olamides song make sense……bt i really lyk this song……. So wa lo mo bado ni…..

  49. iamraheem says:

    @dtyungman Are u a leaner? Vector aint no rapper where Olamide sits, pls Dont compare BADOO OF LIFE…

  50. Anonymous says:

    Olamide is going crazy.

  51. omekaarizona says:

    Lobatan.Olamide speaks with annoyance here,I like your music

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