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VIDEO Premiere: 2-Shotz – DAMN! ft Funbi

Post by Ovie O, July 27th, 2011

Naija Hip Hop veteran, 2-Shotz, releases the video for the previously posted single “DAMN!” featuring highly talented R&B act, Funbi. A chilled video for a chilled song. Thumbs Up!

Director: Otoide Ayemere.

D.O.P: Bichop Blunt.


YouTube Preview Image

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33 responses to “VIDEO Premiere: 2-Shotz – DAMN! ft Funbi”

  1. amblors says:

    very very clean vid.
    Funbi killed this.
    2shotz "girl you're a trip, … you're the shit" — Kanye's lines.

  2. oludarebaloye says:

    All i can say is 2short is not short anymore guy guy is tall nice one.

  3. realtalk says:

    very poor lighting. and this same girl on every video. too short pay better director money. its clear this is a free video. the song try sha. dont beef, its only realtalk.

  4. realtak says:

    another wack free video. the director has no clue how to light a scene. Canon 7d don deceive plenty people oh. 2shot. pay money, leave free video. decent song sha. dont beef. its just realtalk.

  5. SLEEK says:

    So this guy used Chris Brown's lyrics and they even made his part of the video look like Chris Brown's "Deuces" video. I don't know why some Nigerian artistes are still in the generation of copying every single thing America does. BE ORIGINAL! YOU'RE A NIGERIAN!!!

  6. shevy says:

    nice work

  7. I'm me says:

    Funbi is feeling like Trey Songz lol! song anyway

  8. naming artists that blend and chanege with the game as it goes, 2shot is one of them. always reshaping himself.good job bro.

  9. Ubadire says:

    How come u are the only person beefing this good video. Na wa oo!! For this guy

  10. henrymic says:

    its unfair sleek for u to say funbi is copying,at least even a word of encouragement wud have still pass across u telling him to be original,afterall wizkid copied in holla at ur boy and we are still feeling d young super star and is still repping naija…….watchout for more from funbi b4 u say he is not original……thumbs up to funbi bcos dis is a good flow and sleek am not denying u of your opinion though ,but pls say it in an encouraging way to make him work hard next time,dats d way it is …enjoy sleek da boss….thumbs up to u funbi

  11. 18+ AKA Ca$h Cr0p$ says:

    Nigerian Artist need song writers

  12. Dallas'Finest says:

    Cool, i love the fact that they did not mix pidgin n english…that aint sexy.

  13. geh geh says:

    so now 2shot wan to be rock ross speaking oyibo with bear bear abi? lol okay naaa.. beta go back to yuh pidgin abeg

  14. DJ Jay Oh says:

    THIS AINT DUCES AND YOU AINT CHRIS BROWN!!…lol…on that note, well naa thats it…lol…and no I'm not a hater, I just feel like if you're going to copy then dont PHOTOCOPY…atleast write it with your own handwriting so its not exactly the same…

  15. prof says:

    wasted chorus

  16. if u hate hard work go book studio session make u do ur own
    any way check out ma single tell me if i copy any body

  17. nice video…but its quite obvious 2shotz was biting off kanye…and d concept was bitten of chris brown's deuces…..its nice but a little originality would kill

  18. stanex says:

    why dont people mind their business

  19. deji says:

    some peopple shld go do deir own instead of criticizing odas wtf r yu anyway better all dis idiots saying and commenting rubbish?

  20. Spyki says:

    i like the fact that the song has a cross-over appeal and i also think the producer did a goood job.. shout out to 2shotz n funbi

  21. Okan says:

    2short nice one

  22. @IAmSimplyT says:

    i dont care if he got the idea from deuces, At least it got some messages and its just not giving us stupid party beats and start chtting nonsense on it. Good one 2shotz!! ME LIKE IT!!!

  23. baba eleko says:

    This beat is the truth!!!

  24. baba eleko says:

    Time is up, it in the celing… or whatever ……. Mode9's line in 360 poetry

  25. kayode says:

    2shotz u're a prostitute a big fool keep hiding under people.u did a collabo wit terryG,mi,brymo,ice prince,yQ,timaya……fuck u 2 shotz now funbi.funbi its ur song dont let ds old fool rob u of ur blessing!

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