Willy Paul claims the Kenyan music industry relies on him


In a surprising and bold statement, Kenyan artist Willy Paul Msafi has taken to social media to declare that the music scene in Kenya is on the brink of demise without his presence.

Willy Paul who ran the Kenyan streets in 2023 with You featuring Nigeria’s Guchi has recently expressed his concerns and frustrations about the current state of the Kenyan music industry.

On his Instagram page Willy Paul reached out to his loyal fanbase to offer an explanation for his recent absence from the music scene.

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The award-winning singer asserted that he purposely refrained from releasing new songs for a considerable period to shed light on what he perceives as the reckless state of the Kenyan entertainment landscape in his absence.

In 2023 alone, Willy Paul Msafi has unleashed an impressive collection of four songs, with his latest track Kanyagaa hitting the airwaves a mere month ago.