Rayvanny's Tetema Removed From Youtube After S2kizzy Claims Copyrights | SEE DETAILS


Few weeks after announcing his exit from WCB Wasafi, Rayvanny has faced a major career setback after his "Tetema" music video, featuring Diamond Platnumz got removed from the video streaming site Youtube. 

Tetema Removed Youtube

Tetema Music Video by Raymond Shaban Mwakyusa famously known as Rayvanny featuring Diamond Platnumz is removed Google Owned Platform, Youtube. Tetema Music Video dropped in early 2018 amassing about 66+ Million views on Youtube amd it was Rayvanny's most watched music video on the platform. 

According to reports the song's producer known as S2kizzy was the one that filed complaints for the video to be taken down. According to Youtube's explanation the Tetema Music Video was removed due to copyrights claim from Salimini Kassim, which is the real name for S2kizzy. 

rayvanny youtube

Sources have further explained that S2kizzy's decision came into effect due to the fact he was not given a part of the song's Royalties of about 75,000 USD but so far there is no an official statement from the award winning producer or Rayvanny

This is not the first time that Tetema has been a subject of controversy and ban. In August 2019, Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB banned the song from being played in public places because the song contained inappropriate and immoral language.