Diamond Platnumz Youtube Account Has Been Terminated, Kim Kayndo Confirms | SEE DETAILS


The Youtube account of Tanzania's biggest star Diamond Platnumz has been terminated / suspended by the American owned platform.

Diamond Platnumz Youtube Account Terminated

Diamond Platnumz's Youtube account which had about 6.6 Million subscribers has been terminated for violating community guidelines and Youtube's decision comes only two days after the account was attacked by hackers who were assumed to be Bitcoin scammers.

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Speaking a while ago in an interview, Kim Kayndo who is the head of WCB Wasafi Digital department, confirmed that they received an email from Youtube explaining the termination. Kim Kayndo also said that the hacking attempt that was done two days ago may have caused the account's suspension.

"The account has been terminated by Youtube, and i think the day before yesterday if you were following up the account was hacked. So after hacking they went live, and I think their livestreaming may have caused this problem. So Youtube suspended the account but we are working on it"

Kim Kayndo went on to explain that Diamond Platnumz's Youtube account termination is bound to cause financial repercussions to the artist.

"You know every time people view Diamond Platnumz music videos on the account and when they no longer see the videos it may confuse the fans and there are some 'numbers' that we may lose"

With Diamond Platnumz's account still on hold, now WCB's Rayvanny holds the title of being the most subscribed artist on Sub Saharan Africa having 3.68 Million, followed by Konde Gang's Harmonize who has amassed 3.21 subscribers on Youtube.

Listen to Kim Kayndoo's Interview Here :

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